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Blue Tree of Life Handmade Micro Mosaic White Gold Watch for Women, Made in Swiss

$ 4,714

Introducing a distinct design concept to the world of watches, HAJAR, – a high-end jewelry brand designed by its Founder, Wafa Twal – has launched exclusive Swiss-made watches, featuring locally-crafted mosaic designs, in Jordan. The limited-edition watches, which include handmade dials decorated with intricate mosaic designs, aim to combine the best of local talents with Swiss technical skills and standards.
Reimagining the timeless artistic tradition of mosaics, HAJAR uses locally sourced, naturally occurring Jordanian stones to create matchless watches, adorning each with enduring mosaic emblems of local culture and Eastern heritage. Teaming the highest levels of world-renowned Swiss watchmaking quality with Jordanian artistry, the watches are expertly and precisely manufactured in Switzerland, while their mosaic dials are designed and crafted by Jordanian hands.
HAJAR strives to provide wearers with the exclusivity necessary to express their unique sense of style and identity. Alongside its current designs, HAJAR has opened the door for customized watches, making it possible for local, regional and international buyers and collectors to own tailor-made, bespoke HAJAR watches. For an extra touch of grandeur, each HAJAR watch is packaged within a handcrafted wooden featuring the same mosaic design on the selected watch.
“Following the success achieved over the past few years by the HAJAR mosaic jewelry line, I am very pleased to announce the launch of our exclusive Swiss-made watches, each of which presents an unprecedented level of watchmaking expertise and features an authentic mosaic design inspired by Jordanian art,” said HAJAR Founder and Designer, Twal. “These watches are a reflection of my ongoing efforts to demonstrate HAJAR’s standing as an international brand that breathes the Jordanian spirit while also adhering to the highest quality standards. Stemming from my commitment to designing exceptional jewelry, it brings me great pride to introduce the results of this passion project within my home country.

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