How it all began Our idea of the perfect Jewelries.


Wafa Twal, Jewelery Designer

It all started with a small piece of mosaic and a big love and passion to jewellery; when sisters Wafa and Sonia Twal decided to create pieces of fine jewellery infused with natural mosaic stones. Run by Wafa Twal, Hajar Art combines the elegance of diamond, gold & silver with the purity and genuineness of locally sourced mosaic stones.

Each piece designed by Hajar Art is guaranteed to stand out as it is custom made to meet every client’s taste and preferences; whether they want a name, a zodiac sign, a specific color or any other design. As their slogan says: “the fusion of art and gold”, Hajar Art offers exceptional designs of any type of material; diamond, gold, gold plated and silver elegantly infused with mosaic stones.

Hajar Art provides all kinds of jewellery not only for women; but also for men who look for that extra detail to look sharp and elegant. In addition to common women accessories, Hajar Art creates a variety of items for men such as cufflinks and prayer beads.

Amman Store

Amman, Jordan
T: +962 79 55 68 68 8

Genève Store

Marchandises à envoyer à Arlet SA 5,
place de la Fusterie. 1204 geneve